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Another Romantic Destination Ecuador! Meet Ecuadorian People

Would you like to take your significant other on a trip they won’t soon forget?  Anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations call for a special destination that will relax and bring you closer to one another.  It is important to consider your mutual likes and dislikes to choose the correct destination.  Ecuador has many romantic options to fit your needs, such as the Galapagos Islands, Salinas’s many beaches, or the traveler-friendly city of Playas.  Following are a few ideas to make your special trip a memory that will be called upon for years to come:

Make your trip a surprise!

Call your spouse’s employer and explain what you’d like to do, and how long you plan to keep your loved one away from work.  He/she can help adjust the workload to allow for a future absence.  If your honey is self-employed, this may be a little more difficult.  Proceed with the planning process and plan the trip as far in advance as possible.  Gift the tickets or a handmade certificate telling them where and when you plan on taking them!

Romantic Destination Ecuador

Choose a location you both will enjoy:

 If your loved one loves the water, splurge on an oceanside hotel room in Salinas or an island getaway on Isla de Muisne.  Chartered yachts available in Salinas are always a special surprise, and some will offer group discounts if you don’t mind sailing with other couples.  Adventurous couples enjoy the unique wildlife found in the Galapagos Islands.  You can also nonchalantly ask your significant other where they would most like to visit someday; they usually won’t suspect a thing, and this will give you a great place to start.  You can determine which destinations in Ecuador will offer the same customs and cuisine.

Choose a special gift to give once you arrive at your location:

Consider the occasion you are celebrating, and choose an item that can be useful on the trip.  A piece of jewelry demands a fancy dinner to display it, but a luxurious robe suggests a day of rest and relaxation.  If you are the more creative type, consider giving them a poem or piece of art to commemorate the trip.

Meet new people from Ecuador:

If you are traveling alone, still you can enjoy your trip meeting new people from Ecuador especially Ecuadorian women are considered very strong, intellectual and standout in the world when it comes to dating and thoughtful conversations. If you are interested in South American women and solo-traveler then first get to know Ecuadorian women then meet her in person in your very first trip.

Wome Ecuador

Quito Tour

Quito is the capital of the South American country Ecuador, and provides many points of interest and a rich historical background.  Its elevation makes Quito the second-highest capital city in the world and boasts a constant cool climate due to its location south of the equator.  Many forms of available transportation, historical sites, and parks and volcanoes make Quito a tourist-friendly destination.

Depending upon the time of year you visit Quito, you may experience either the dry or wet climate changes.  Summer is considered the dry season and stretches from June to September.  October through May lends way to the winter-wet season, with many rains and clouds occurring.  Quito’s high altitude causes the climate to be cooler than lower cities in Ecuador, with an average temperature of sixty-four degrees Fahrenheit.

Quito Tour

The historic centre is located in central Quito, and boasts over 40 churches of interest.  Most important to tourists are the Cathedral of Quito, Church of the Society of Jesus, Church and Convent of St. Francis, Church and Convent of St. Dominic, Church and Convent of La Merced, and the Basilica del Voto Nacional.  Quito is also well-known for being homeland to El Panecillo, a hill that serves as home to a famous monument built for Virgin Mary.

Several urban parks in Quito include Parque Metropolitano Guanguiltagua, La Carolina, El Ejido, and La Alameda.  Tourists find the parks ideal for picnics, hiking, and trail hiking.  If you love outdoor activities when traveling, a visit to one of Quito’s parks is necessary.

Galapagos Islands Tour

Nature lovers and water sportsmen find many activities and points of interest in these volcanic islands that are considered part of Ecuador’s national park system.  Things to consider when planning your Galapagos adventure include weather, transportation, and activities you would like to include in your trip.

Galapagos Islands Tour

These islands are located on the equator, but weather can be influenced by ocean currents and El Nin͂o.  Effects can include heavier rains or smaller, frequent drizzles.  This all depends on what season the Galapagos Islands are in.  From June to November, “Garua” causes frequent fog and cold winds, and the average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius is accompanied by drizzly rain.  December to May brings the warm season with higher average temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius, constant sunshine, and occasional strong rains.  Temperature tends to vary with varying altitudes, so consider what your activities will include in order to dress appropriately.

Getting to the islands is an important element of planning your trip.   You may travel by boat, or fly to one of the islands’ small airports in Baltra or San Crist́obal Island from Ecuador’s mainland.  If you are booking a tour, this aspect will usually be taken care of for you.  Verify the tour’s plans before departure, and inquire as to how they plan on transporting you and your loved ones.