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30+ Signs If a Male Coworker Likes You But is Hiding It

Possessing feelings for someone at the workplace is a common incident that happens with most individuals from both genders.

They hide it because of several factors like the fear of being humiliated by others or by the person they have a crush upon. Many people face this situation and most of the time creates hurdles in receiving genuine feelings from a person.

In this article, the signs indicating the genuine feelings of a person will be described which will solve your issue of interpreting what’s going on in the mind of a male coworker liking you but not showing it.

Signs A Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

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10 Signs his body language reflects that he likes you but is hiding it

Body language speaks what simple words cannot because they emerge from the genuine intentions in a person’s mind. But some people try to hide these feelings under the umbrella of several excuses.

But here are some signs that can reveal the liking of a male coworker for you:

1. He will always be available to help you

If your male coworker is always ready to assist you and remains available then that is a sign he likes you. This can be either helping with work stuff or being there when things get busy.

This will reflect he wants to be close to you in a way that goes beyond just work. So, if he is always available to help out then this could be a clue about his hidden feelings.

2. He will create chances for spending intimate moments with you

Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

Whenever he likes you secretly at work then he will create chances to be close without making it clear. This will mean teaming up on projects or having breaks together. These small moves act as his way of saying he wants to be more than just coworkers.

3. He will be roaming around your working area most of the time

If you see him hanging out near your desk a lot then this will be a sign that he likes you but does not say it. This feels like he is always nearby, even when there is no work reason for it. This will reflect that he secretly wants to be close to you.

4. He will solve your work matters at the backend by himself

If he likes you but keeps it a secret, he will silently handle some of your work-related problems without realizing you. This can be fixing a problem or getting things done behind the scenes.

These hidden efforts show he cares about making your work easier and it will indicate there is more to his feelings than just being a good coworker.

5. He will always defend your work in front of your boss

Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It Will Defend Your Work

If you notice him always sticking up for your projects when the boss is around then this will be a sign he likes you. This will be like having a secret supporter in the office. When he praises your work and defends you at the back then this will reflect he has got feelings beyond just being coworkers.

6. His preference for you as a team member will be visible

If he possesses romantic feelings for you but is keeping them private still he can show signs at work. You should notice if he often asks your opinion in meetings or volunteers to work together. These things will hint he wants a deeper relationship outside the office.

7. He will stare at you whenever you are busy with something else

Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding Stare At You Whenever You Are Busy

His eyes constantly staring at you when you’re doing your job will reflect his liking for you. This will be like catching him staring when you are in the middle of work or other things. These glances indicate he likes you, but is keeping it hidden from others.

8. He will consistently appreciate your work in front of the staff

His constant appreciation of your work will be a sign that he likes you secretly. This can be either praising your work in meetings or giving you supportive smiles. You will notice that his encouragement will be more than just professional and it will emit positive vibes.

9. He will be annoyed when you give attention to other guys

If you catch him acting jealous whenever you are chatting with other guys then this will be a sign that he likes you but is not confessing it.

It is like he is feeling a little upset when he watches you giving attention to someone else. This will reflect that he wishes you would notice him more, even if he is not talking about it.

10. His attitude will be different with you compared to other female coworkers

At work, you should notice if he acts differently around you compared to other female coworkers. He will prefer to use a different tone of voice with you and appear extra interested in what you think or ask more about your day. These small changes in how he acts will show he romantically likes you.

8 Signs his words reflect that he likes you but is hiding it

Words sometimes speak genuine intentions unwillingly and if interpreted appropriately, they can provide hints about some hidden feelings.

Here are some signs based on real-life experiences that will reflect his liking for you:

1. He will always complement your dress and personality

Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It Will Complement Your Dress And Personality

If he consistently keeps telling you that he likes what you are wearing or says good things about your personality then this will reflect that he is hiding some feelings. Despite showing it directly, these little compliments in your daily talks could be his way of saying he likes you.

2. He will discuss his personal life affairs

His habit of sharing things about his hobbies, weekends, or family, will reflect something special for you in his heart. When he opens up about himself then this will be a sign of a hidden liking and a quiet way of expressing interest without making it clear.

3. He will be interested in your social media

If you notice him always liking or commenting on your posts then he will be secretly showing he likes you. These online gestures are like secret signals that hint at his hidden feelings.

4. He will always ask for a lunch with you

Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It Ask For A Lunch

If he keeps asking you to have lunch with him then this will reflect that likes you as more than a friend. Going to lunch together gives him a chance to spend time with you away from work. You will notice that asking you to lunch over and over will be his way of showing he is interested in you romantically.

5. He will be interested in your previous affairs

Whenever you notice him discussing the topic who you used to date or want to know about your love life history, he will have hidden feelings. He will be very interested in learning about your romantic background even if he is not ready to say he likes you. His questions show he cares and wants to understand you better.

6. He will enjoy your jokes even if they are not worth enjoying

Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It Will Enjoy Your Jokes Even If They Are Not Worth Enjoying

His laughter as you tell jokes even those that are not funny will reflect that he likes you. He may have feelings for you that he is not saying out publically. You should pay attention when you make him laugh to see if it is a sign he likes you but is hiding it.

7. He will remember your important dates and tell you whenever you forget

If he possesses a secret crush on you then he will try to show his cares by reminding you about important dates like your birthday or work anniversary. His friendly reminders are a quiet way of letting you know he gives attention to what matters to you.

8. He will text you first to initiate a conversation

His consistent habit of texting you a lot to start conversations will indicate that he has a crush on you. Even if he just asks about work or how your day is, texting you more than others could mean he likes you more than a coworker. Pay attention to how often he texts you compared to others.

9 Signs his personality reflects that he likes you but is hiding it

Personality changes are observed in a person at his workplace whenever he wants to impress someone with his looks and style. When you notice abrupt changes in his dressing style and other aspects of his personality when he comes in front of you, this means these changes are to impress you.

1. Your presence will positively influence his dress patterns

If you have noticed him changing the way he dresses whenever you are around then this will reflect that something more is going on. Dressing patterns are the most influential way of conveying your feelings indirectly to someone. This will be like he is quietly trying to show you he likes you without saying it directly.

2. He will wear attractive perfumes and try to catch your attention

Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It Wear Attractive Perfumes

Whenever he starts wearing fancy perfumes or colognes that he did not used to wear then this will reflect that he is trying to grab your attention. He will walk near you hoping that you will smell how good he smells.

When men start wearing nice new scents around a woman, it’s often because they want her to be attracted to them. So if he suddenly seems to care more about how he smells around you then he probably has a crush on you but is hiding it.

3. He will maintain an arrogant attitude with other female coworkers except for you

He acts like he is the best himself around other women at work, but he behaves nicely with you. You see his softer side even though he acts arrogant around others. This change in how he acts reflects he likes you, even if he is hiding it from everyone.

4. He will tell others to maintain distance from you

His secret liking for you will be represented when he tries to keep other guys away from you. He will indirectly tell other men at work not to get too friendly with you. This shows he wants you for himself because he sees you as more than a coworker. He wants less competition for your attention even if he does not say he likes you.

5. He will speak politely and values your words

If he likes you but doesn’t show it then you will notice his friendly talks and care about what you say. This will feel like he is extra polite and these little signs will reflect there are more feelings in his heart for you than just being a good coworker.

6. He will change his routine and modify it according to your routine

Whenever he likes you then he will change his normal routine to match yours. For example, he will start taking his lunch break with you instead of at his usual time, or he will come to work earlier or later so he arrives and leaves at the same times as you. This reflects that he wants to spend more time with you even though he has not said anything.

7. He will make things comfortable for you to work with

Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding Comfortable At Work

Whenever he goes out of his way to make your work life easy and comfortable then this will be a sign he likes you but is keeping it hidden. You will notice simple things like helping you with tasks or creating a chill vibe when you both are working together because these will be his way of saying he cares.

8. He will have a flirty attitude with you

He jokes and teases you more than other coworkers in the daily office setting. He will stand closer to you than needed when you talk and find reasons to touch your arm or shoulder. He will smile a lot and look you in the eyes for longer. These little things indicate that he likes you but is being careful at work.

9. He will blush whenever he sees you in the office

His secret liking for you will be depicted by his cheeks turning red whenever you enter the room or walk by his desk. He will blush even though he is trying to hide his feelings. It is an involuntary reaction that gives away his true emotions. Your presence indicates he has a crush but does not want to show it.

Signs your six senses and other people tell that he likes you but is hiding it

The hidden indication of your six senses and internal body along with gestures from other people help find out the hidden feelings of someone. Here are some real-life experiences that reflect he possesses feelings for you but is hiding them.

1. His colleagues and friends will tell him about your special status in his life

Your coworker’s friends will hint that he likes you since they tease him whenever you are near. His colleagues will share that he talks about you on breaks or during his casual talks.

His inner circle probably knows how he feels about you even if he hides it on the outside. He likes you but is too shy to show it openly. His friends notice these signs though and can drop hints to you.

2. Your body and senses will be satisfied during his presence

You will feel unusually relaxed and happy whenever he is around. His presence appears to bring you at ease. Your colors appear brighter, scents seem sweeter, and you find yourself unconsciously tilting towards him.

3. His colleagues will hint you about his hidden interest in you

Signs A Male Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It Colleagues Will Hint You About His Hidden Interest

His co-workers will say things suggesting that he likes you. They see how he acts around you and know how he talks about you when you are not there. They want to help show he likes you even though he is shy.

4. Your face will blush whenever he is around

Whenever someone has a crush on you then it becomes hard to hide it. You may find your cheeks getting warm and turning red whenever he is near. It’s an involuntary reaction when you are attracted to someone. It is one of the most obvious signs he likes you even though he does not say it publically.

5. Your emotions will turn to him after some time

You will start having more feelings for him after some time passes. You will make an effort for him or get happy when you talk to him. You will find yourself thinking about him a lot despite your efforts not to think. This shows your heart has started to like him, even though he has not said anything.

Pro Tip:

The main theme in someone’s liking is their intentions which should be noticed to find out their thoughts about you. You must notice the habits, behavior, and responses towards your attitude of the male coworker suspected to like you.

If changes are visible and only specific to you then this is a big hint that he is trying to hide his feelings but is unable to hide because of involuntary human nature to care for someone he likes.