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How to Heal a Broken Heart Quotes with Images

It looks very tough to heal a broken heart after breakup or to see bad days in relationship but I will give you some motivational quotes that help you to fix your relationship or at least to overcome your heartbroken sadness. First of all keep in mind, you are not alone who is facing such type of situation in your love relation. There is every second couple who faced this situation many times but it is temporary feeling and after some time you understand each other tied again or move forward in your life to seek someone else.

how do you heal a broken heart

Here some short inspirational quotes that you can read to mend your broken-heart. Even you can also use them as your Facebook status in captions to show your feelings to your close friends and to other virtual friends. So they also help you to overcome from your sadness.

how to mend a broken relationship quotes 2016

  • Sadness flies away on the wings of time.

  • And then the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to Blossom.

  • As painful as this thing has been I just can’t be with no one else. See I know what we’ve got to do.You let go, and I’ll let go too. ‘Cause no one’s hurt me more than you And no one ever will.

  • There is no remedy for love but to love more.

  • It hurts like hell. And then one day, it doesn’t.

  • Stay real, stay loyal, or stay away.

  • God can heal your broken heart if only you give Him all the pieces.

  • Moving on becomes so painful when our other half is still held by our past.

  • If someone breaks your heart, find your friends; the good ones. They will help patch your heart back together and get you ready for returning to the subject of relationships.

  • I fall too fast, crash too hard, forgive too easily and care too much.

  • Why is it that every time I go with my heart and against my common sense and trust someone with my love, I end up hurt?

  • Now I believe it when people say love is blind, because I must have been blind to love a person like you.

  • When you HELP someone who is lost and confused. When you HOLD someone who is sad and grieving. When you HUG someone who is unhappy and hopeless…YOU TOO WILL FEEL HEALED AND WHOLE!

    how to get over a broken heart quotes 2016

    How to Mend a Broken Heart 

    how to mend a broken heart quotes

Reading quotes and sayings is the easiest way to get self motivation and healing your broken heart again to fight for your rights. These quotes give you courage and power to behave positively and think about both bad and good sides of the situations. I have created these quotes to deal with broken heart easily with cute images and backgrounds that help you to feel the deepness and meanings of these notes and imagine yourself in these sayings.

how can you mend a broken heart quotes 2016

I hope you will find these lines helpful and useful for those who want to overcome in their broken relationships. Please share it on social networking sites where possible. Thank You for your visit.

how do you heal a broken heart

How to Get Over a Broken Heart

how to deal with a broken heart quotes

How to Deal with a Broken Heart?

Healing a broken heart is very difficult but as I told you in above statement that time can easily repair it. But to pass time you need motivation and positive energy. Many people move to God and do prayers to heal their broken hearts. If you are religious and born as Christian then you should concerned Holy Bible or as a Muslim read Holy Quran verses. These Holy book verses will give you spiritual power and motivations.

If you are not much religious but believe in true logical facts then there are so many famous personality quotes are available. Read those famous inspirational healing quotes to get motivations.

how to fix a broken heart 2016

how to fix a broken heart quotes

One more tip is not to over think about things that happens to you in past but think about the future. Imagine the worst case of current scenario and accept it and then try to find the solutions, keep patience and move forward. Do something creative like whatever you love to do e.g: painting, singing, driving, playing games and have fun.

Famous Motivational Quotes to get rid from broken heart feeling:

  • Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.
  • I don’t understand, Why do I stress the man, When there’s so many bigger things at hand?
  • Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them.
  • You can’t keep blaming yourself. Just blame yourself once, and move on.

If you know any of your friends who is facing this kind of situation, share quotes and verses with him / her and help them to men their broken heart feeling and give them motivation.

Friendship Love Quotes and Sayings for Him / Her with Images

Friendship is very pious and strong relation and almost every love story start from friendship. If you fall in love with your best friend then use these friendship love quotes to propose her. It is very common thing when one start loving his friend and later they could start affair or happily married. Friendship help you to understand your partner and to make your bonding with her. If you find similarities during friendship you may attract to each other to convert your friendship to love which is beautiful.

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This quotes is giving you a lesson of seriousness that if you want to stay with her then stay forever and you want to leave then don’t wait and leave her today. If changes are required to get her love then change yourself for the better life.

Best Friendship Love Quotes for Him

Love and Friendship Sayings with Images

For any successful relationship, only love is not enough but you are friends of each other too. Because friends can understand without words and can do compromise for their friends.

Cute Friendship Love Quotes for her

If you faced rejection of love then it is good idea to loose love but stay with her / him as a friend because with friendship you both may realize later and fall in love.

Friendship Love Quotes and Sayings

In this quotes you can differentiate love and friendship. In love you have strong feelings for your partner while in friendship you can help your friend. So if you want to help others then behave like a friend not a lover.

Friendship Love Quotes

Love Proposal for your Best Friend!

If you have strong feelings for your best friend then dedicate her / him this cute romantic saying and propose her to stay in your life forever.

love and friendship quotes images

Love quotes for your bestie to tell her we are more than just friends, I Love you!

quotes about friendship and love

When you spend lots of your time with your best friends, there are lots of chances that you may fall in love with each other. To convert your friendship in love, use these romantic friendship quotes to dedicate her or him. Specially if you both are childhood cousins or friends. I am sure you will enjoy these sayings very much.

Friendship Romantic love quotes

Share these images on your Fb wall and send privately via WhatsApp or as messages to your friends and reveal the secret of your heart.

Wedding Vows Quotes and Poems for Speeches

Wedding is one of the most memorable and special event of our life and we all want to make our special day remember-able where possible. We do all good arrangements for guests, give attention to everything from small to big so how we leave wedding speeches. You may need to give a small speech in your wedding event to entertain guests and to show love towards your new life partner. Some people start giving long and boring speeches that actually ruin the interest of your guests so avoid such lengthy wording. We have selected short Wedding Vows, love quotes and poems that you can add in your speech. have a look on them:

Funny Wedding Vows to say in Wedding Speech!

non traditional wedding vows and quotes

Traditional Christian Wedding Vows

wedding vow quotes

This vows is perfect for your wedding anniversary speech. So if you are going to give small speech among guests, you impress them with your romantic wording to Thanks your wife with these kind words.

wedding vows examples

Wedding Vows Quotes

Sample Wedding Vows and Quotes as Examples

This one is totally hilarious quote to say in bachelors parties. By using this, you can impress your friends and make them laugh.

beautiful wedding vows for him

Romantic Wedding wordings and vows to show your maturity in front of your guests and relatives.

christian wedding vows and poem

See Some Text Format Wedding Vows:

I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love.

I promise to be your lover, companion and friend.

I promise to hold your hand every night and to never let us lose our spark.

I believe in you, the person you will grow to be and the couple we will be together.

I am sure you enjoyed these wedding speeches quotes that are too short and very interesting. if you have better vows and quotes for your special day, please share us in comments and give us a chance to appreciate your work.

Military Love Quotes for Him – Army Relationship Sayings

Military soldiers are so romantic and you can watch many Army and Military themed romantic movies based on true stories. These people are considered strong and work as Army in various forces but in reality, they are most sensitive persons on Earth because they spend their days and nights miles away from their families and understand the value of love. they actually know what distance love is and how to deal with distance relationships. Their girlfriends supports them but from inner side they always wait for their lover to come back. Here we collect some most romantic Military love quotes for Him to romance with Armed man. These military soldiers believes in true love and want to see faith in their life partner. Soldiers are more trusted persons in the world and their GF’s tell many reasons to love them. Let’s check some Army relationship sayings and quotes.

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An Army man live hundreds of year in one day with her lover.

army girlfriend quotes

Cute Military Love Quotes and Sayings

The hardest thing for military’s wife or girlfriend is to miss him and wait for him. They think sometimes, that may be their life would be different if they live together like others.

army military couple love quotes him her

Inspirational Romantic Military Quotes

army relationship quotes

Army Love Quotes for Long Distance Relationships

Don’t think you are miles away, distance doesn’t matter, our thoughts and hearts are connected that can bring smile on our face,

army wife quotes images

Army Girlfriend Quotes with Images

military Girlfriend said, I am the girl who waits months for a single kiss that makes the months apart worth every second.

Military Love Quotes for Him

Military Love Quotes

US Army Wife Quotes

American Army is one of the most powerful army in the world. They spend their whole year in borders, in snow falls and in areas where we can’t even imagine ourselves for a second. In this condition, soldiers only can think about her girlfriend and can imagine that she is waiting for him. For this reason, they only need one solid promise to their wife / GF that promise me that you will never forget me because I always thought about you.

military relationship quotes

Although USA forces are considered strongest in the wold but still military men are human, they have heart, emotions, feeling for their loved ones. They have girlfriends and wives. To show love with him or her we created some long distance relation quotes and sayings for all the forces.

Hope you enjoyed and send to your life partner via email, or social media sites. Thanks for being here. You are also welcome to write some personalized messages and quotes in comments below.

15 Unhealthy Relationship Love Quotes with Images

Getting a true love from your partner is blessing of God but if you are confused that your boyfriend / girlfriend is a good match for you or not then you should notice few things to find the heath of your relationship. If you found unhealthy activities in your love relationship, you can leave it or heal it after analyzing the situation. Story starts when you feel uncomfortable with him or start doing too many complaints for different smaller things. Sometimes it happens because we increase our expectations from our partner or only take things negatively. But in few cases, your doubts may be clear and true. So when you suspect any kind of wrong activity in your affair, you can use these unhealthy relationship quotes to get instant results which ends with solution like your breakup or you may sort-out everything to make more strong relationship. Now it’s time to read those unhealthy love quotes:

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You are not giving me enough, may be you are giving your all to someone else!

Best unhealthy relationship quotes

Best Phrases for Wrong relationship and Love

I don’t know what happens to you, suddenly I start figuring out strange things in you. When you were with me, I was feeling as complete but now things are changed.

Bad relationship love quotes

Quotes for Weak relationships and Fake Love

Love is my weakness and but from today, I will make it my strength!

quotes about unhealthy relationships

Difference b/w Love and relationship, You should learn it and if you love me, then stay with me forever.

relationship love quotes

Precautions of Unhealthy relationships:

It is good to be as single than any unhealthy relationship because it causes headaches, stress and waste lots of time.

unhealthy love quotes for her him

Stay away from your Ego, Don’t let go you true love because of your Ego.

unhealthy love quotes

Unhealthy Love Quotes for Him and Her with Photos

unhealthy love relationships sayings

Love is very nice feeling, marriage is contract and relationships are work!

Unhealthy Relationship Love Quotes

Unhealthy Love Poems for Bad Relationships

If you think quotes are not enough to bother your partner, send them these long rhyming poems about bad relationships to get out from this. You can explain all the bad habits, give reasons to leave him and then announce that you want to get free from this bad unhealthy relation.

Unhealthy Relationship Poems about love

How Love can be Unconditional? A short Quote on it!

Unhealthy Relationship Poems about love

If you think your relationship is unhealthy, use these quotes and poems to share with your partner. It is good idea to breakup with wrong relation and move forward to get the best match of your life. When you free from one bad love, you will be able to find the next love in your life that would be without tears and fights, may give you true happiness that you deserve. I am sure you will not only like these quotations but also love to appreciate us by sharing them on Facebook, twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest like networks and leave your comments regarding this post.

10 Deep Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Every girlfriend love to spend time with his boyfriend. She want to stay all night talking with him, sharing her things with each other and enjoy his company. Now you should not only imagine this but you could do it too by letting know your boyfriend some deep things. No doubt, I Love you has its own place and you can express your love with these three words but you can’t say same words all the time. You make it unique and to impress your boyfriend, you can send say deep romantic things to him that will make him feel special and he will highly appreciate such gestures of love from your side. Have a look on top 10 deep romantic things for your hubby or BF.

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  1. I meet you in dreams every night!

cute saying to your boyfriend images

Romantic things to do for your Boyfriend

2. My Heartbeats are very fast when you come closer to me!

cute sweet things to say to your boyfriend

3. You look so handsome!

You can also praise him indirectly, it make him blush and he will love you more and feel proud.

deep Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Love Quotes to Say to Your Boyfriend / Husband From Her / Girlfriend

4. I am very Lucky to have you in my life!

dirty things to say to your boyfriend

5. Everyday I fall in love with more and more passion with you!

Romantic saying for your boyfriend

Nice / Cute and sweet things to say to your boyfriend 

6. You’re the Strongest man of the world!

sweet things to say to your boyfriend

Dirty Things for Your Boyfriend with Images

7. I will die without You!

sweetest loving things to say to your boyfriend

8. I like to your good things about you! I feel like others are talking about me not you!

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Time comes when you need to say some really sweetest and cutest thing to your boyfriend to romance with him. These quotes are perfect for all situations. We use cool romantic background images while creating these quotations and sayings. Use these lines on romance on Facebook statuses and tag your guy to inspire him. These are best wording you can ever say to your lover. Have a great evening and enjoy all these adorable poems, quotes and phrases.

I Love You Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes

Get Happy Birthday Love Quotes and wishes for your girlfriend or boyfriend and propose your soulmate by saying I Love You on his / her Birthday. We receive hundreds of wishes and greetings on our special day on our mobile and on Facebook but we always waiting for that one special wish that matter for us. yes, and that Birthday wish is expected from our partner. So if you are in a relationship and someone is disparately waiting for your special wishes then wish him or her with these romantic birthday quotes.

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life, I Pry for your success, happiness and good health!

how to wish happy birthday

Wishing You a Happy Birthday Quotes (I Love U)

You can also Thank your partner for all her care, support, and love for you on her Birthday and at the end of your note you can propose her with three magical words -> I Love U.

Read below quote that we create with beautiful background image to wish her.

happy birthday poems

Famous Happy Birthday Love Quotes and Wishes

If you want to wish your life partner in unique and inspirational words, it looks very hard and confusing task. In this situation, you need to take help from famous birthday sayings that already impressed many people and probably work for you too. Let’s check few inspirational Birthday wishes for your lover.

birthday wishes quotes

Romantic Birthday Wishes and Quotes to Propose Her

If you want to romance with her or want to propose her, the day of her birthday is perfect bcause it will make your moment rememberable and increase the chances that she will accept your proposal. You can use this cheesy romantic wordings to wish her Birthday and at the end say I Love you.

funny birthday quotes

Romantic Birthday Wishes to say Her in Party

This is another impressive Birthday quotes for your Girlfriend. You can send these wishes to her at the last moment or create an imaginary party in her mind. You can also invite her for a dance on her Birthday by sending this lovely message.

cute love poems

I Love You Birthday Messages for Cards

If you have plans to send her birthday gift card, you can write these romantic wishes on it. It looks like a small love letter that will make her blush. Only birthday card will not make a differece but when you write some romantic wording on it, you will able to nailed it. Check below wording that are so romantic and cover all seasons of love.

birthday quotes and wishes

Now your turn comes up, if you like any birthday image, share it now with your friends ro lover to wish their special born day and appreciate our efforts. Cheers:)