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10 Best Italian Love Quotes, Poems and Phrases

Love needs no special language but if you want to be unique in your expressions of love then you must have to take benefits from Italian Love Quotes, Poems and phrases. These are famous worldwide because the expressions of love is beyond our thoughts and you can express love easily towards your loved ones. We are providing you Italian famous love quotes and sayings to make your relationship more healthy.

Already many translations are available of Italian authors books and people love to have a tattoo of their sayings and proverbs about love, beauty, friendship and food. But we are particularly talking about love and romance so we collected and translate quotes and verses about true love. These are mixed sayings and said by various poets and authors. Have a look.

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italian quotes about love

Many people says that love always huts but it is not true, according to Italian authors, proposal rejection hurts and when we lose someone it also hurts. Don’t confused with love and hurting things, both are different things. Love is beautiful feeling that make your life while rejection, ego, envy and losing hearts is responsible for ruining life’s of lovers.

Quotes on Love and Friendship in Italian

italian love sayings images

According to above sayings, love start with friendship because friendship help you to understand each other and enjoy company while love joined you forever.

Italian Love Quotes

Another popular love saying by Italian’s author. Its summary is: “If you love someone from your true heart then don’t worry about losing him / her because if it is your’s, it will come back to you very soon otherwise accept that it was never yours.”.

Unrequited Italian Love Quote

If you are waiting for you lover and she is not returning to you, don’t cry for her, move forward because it is better for you. May be someone is also waiting for you which more better for you.

famous italian love quotes

Italian Love Proverbs with images for her and him

When you fall in true love, your nights goes sleepless because love makes your reality more beautiful than your dreams.

italian love quotes with english translation

Italian love quotes with English Translation

Love is a precious gift of life that only God can give us. It changes the human and make this world more than place than before.

italian love quotes for him and her

Friendship is another gift of God which has no price. You can’t buy or sold true friends and their friendship.

love quotes in italian

We designed these sayings in romantic background images so that you will enjoy each and every phrase of it and share it with your friends and lover via social media platforms. Please share them on all social media sites to make it viral and also give your feedback about our unique and creative quotes and sayings. I hope you will give us positive feedback. To get more romantic phrases, explore this blog daily.

Spanish Love Quotes and Poems for Him / Her

Spanish is one of the famous language and have millions native speakers around the world. As Love has no boundaries, therefore, lots of chances are there that your lover is Spanish speaker so in this situation, you can romance with your boyfriend or girlfriend via Spanish Love Quotes and Poems. may be your partner also good in English but when you propose her or talk in her local language, she will inspire with you more and feel special because of your extra efforts to find words in her own mother tongue. You can use two ways to send Spanish romantic sayings to your partner.

First: You can  translate English love poems and quotations into Spanish and then send it to her or him to convey your feelings.

Second: Many Spanish authors and Poets are famous because of their beautiful romantic poetry and love stories. So you can pick any of those already Spanish written love sayings and poems for your life partner. (To understand the, you may need to consult English Translations first.)

Have a look on some short Spanish love quotes that we decorated with cute background pictures.

love quotes in spanish for him

Spanish Love Quotes for Boyfriend / Him

These Spanish language romantic wordings are for your husband or boyfriend. Impress him from these lovely images.

love quotes in spanish

Spanish Love Poems with Images

Quotes and sayings look ordinary sometimes and to impress your lover, you need to do something different from others. We translate beautiful romantic poems in Spanish that are suitable for both (GF and BF).

spanish love poems

Spanish Love Quotes with English Translation

If you are native English speaker and don’t read and speaks Spanish then you can use Google Translator to see the English version of Poems and quotes before send to your lover.

spanish love quotes

spanish love quotes for her

Cute I Love you quotes in Spanish

To say I Love to her, you can use these sayings and quotes. I hope you enjoy these wordings.

spanish love quotes for him

spanish love quotes for him

Spanish Quotes and poems about love and romance for him and her are not only famous in the Spain only but also worldwide, especially in Europe countries. I create awesome looking sayings with sweet images, I am sure you like these phrases and send them to your partner and friends who can understand this language.

Military Love Quotes for Him – Army Relationship Sayings

Military soldiers are so romantic and you can watch many Army and Military themed romantic movies based on true stories. These people are considered strong and work as Army in various forces but in reality, they are most sensitive persons on Earth because they spend their days and nights miles away from their families and understand the value of love. they actually know what distance love is and how to deal with distance relationships. Their girlfriends supports them but from inner side they always wait for their lover to come back. Here we collect some most romantic Military love quotes for Him to romance with Armed man. These military soldiers believes in true love and want to see faith in their life partner. Soldiers are more trusted persons in the world and their GF’s tell many reasons to love them. Let’s check some Army relationship sayings and quotes.

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An Army man live hundreds of year in one day with her lover.

army girlfriend quotes

Cute Military Love Quotes and Sayings

The hardest thing for military’s wife or girlfriend is to miss him and wait for him. They think sometimes, that may be their life would be different if they live together like others.

army military couple love quotes him her

Inspirational Romantic Military Quotes

army relationship quotes

Army Love Quotes for Long Distance Relationships

Don’t think you are miles away, distance doesn’t matter, our thoughts and hearts are connected that can bring smile on our face,

army wife quotes images

Army Girlfriend Quotes with Images

military Girlfriend said, I am the girl who waits months for a single kiss that makes the months apart worth every second.

Military Love Quotes for Him

Military Love Quotes

US Army Wife Quotes

American Army is one of the most powerful army in the world. They spend their whole year in borders, in snow falls and in areas where we can’t even imagine ourselves for a second. In this condition, soldiers only can think about her girlfriend and can imagine that she is waiting for him. For this reason, they only need one solid promise to their wife / GF that promise me that you will never forget me because I always thought about you.

military relationship quotes

Although USA forces are considered strongest in the wold but still military men are human, they have heart, emotions, feeling for their loved ones. They have girlfriends and wives. To show love with him or her we created some long distance relation quotes and sayings for all the forces.

Hope you enjoyed and send to your life partner via email, or social media sites. Thanks for being here. You are also welcome to write some personalized messages and quotes in comments below.

Inspirational Quotes about Death of a Loved One

People come in this world and go, all the time. No one is here to stay forever. But how would you feel if you had someone who was your whole world, and then all of a sudden that someone leaves you. Your life would loose its purpose. You would be an empty shell not knowing what to do at all. But you also know that this is not what they would from you. They would want you to stay strong. So instead of grieving and letting your tears fall, you could write sayings and quotes about death of a loved one. This will not only help you in moving on, but would also allow you to express yourself. You can let others know about how you feel, and can seek help. Do not keep your emotions bottled up! Words are a better way to express your emotions, so lay them out and let them talk for themselves. Have a look on grieving inspirational quotes with images.

Death is not a big loss in life, the big loss is what dies inside us while we alive!

best inspirational quotes about death of a loved one

Death Quotes for Your Loved Ones

Death is bitter truth of this world but to inform others you need these kind of special wording  that give you motivations and strength to bear your loss.

death of a loved one quotes and sayings

Although it is not a situation to make fun but here it is serious but funny quote about death of your loved ones. The image also has Christ sign to make it appropriate to share with your friends and relatives.

inspirational quotes about death of a loved one

Bible verses for death of Loved one

These short verses and wordings are takes from Holy bible to tell the world about the reality of our live and death.

inspirational quotes death loved one

We can survive everything but not with death. Bible Verse

loss of a loved one quotes with images

positive quotes about death of a loved one

quotes and poems about death of a loved one

sympathy quotes death loved one

Poems for Loved Ones Who Died

Short poem you can sing in funeral of your lover or share on your social account to tell others about the saddest news via this poem.

poems about death of a loved one

When someone died in our relatives or whom we love, time is really crucial and we need some words of condolence, sympathy and some saying for him or her funeral. These sayings are perfect for saying on the death of someone special person, specially you can share them on social media sites to inform others and to show your heart feelings. Hope you like it, Comments are always welcome if you have better suggestions. Thank You.

Top 10 Disney Love Quotes for Her

Disney World is very famous worldwide and girls love Disney world and see it as their dream. It refereed from the fictional character of princess in fairy lands. We created beautiful romantic Disney love quotes for your girlfriend. if you think that your lover is believe in Disney world stories, you can wish her with these kind of quotes. There are many famous characters in Disney World but Cinderella is very romantic character and you can propose your GF with these dramatic sayings and poems. We used animated Disney themed background images to write these quotes. Some of these quotes are taken from dialogues pf fictional Disney world movies. I hope you will enjoy each saying and it give you a royal feel as a Prince of Castle. Let’s have a look on love quotations below:

Cinderella is dancing with his Prince! 

cinderella love quotes

Romantic Quotes from Disney World

This Quotes is for her from her. This one is actually for ordinary girl who don’t think that she is like princes but still looking for your true love.

cinderella movie quotes 2015 love images

You are more beautiful than flowers, you are my princess, you are my angel, I love you.

cinderella movie quotes images

Popular Dialogue / Quote by Cinderella, Marry for Love not for advantage

cinderella quotes about love

cinderella romantic quotes and disney sayings

Disney Story Quotes and Sayings to Share about Love

disney love quotes

If you keep believing on your Dreams, they will come true!

inspirational disney movie quotes

love quotes from disney movies

Best Sayings to invite her for Romantic Dance!

best disney love quotes images

Princess Quotes from Dreamland

cinderella love quotes disney

These are best Disney World Dreamland love Quotes and sayings for her. Disney is an amazing world, every girl want to be a princess. You can realize her like a queen. I hope you will love to read and share these sayings. Also share them on your favorite social networks.